What type of Phoenix landscapes can flourish without water?

In a nutshell, Xeriscape is an approach to horticulture and landscaping that uses site resources and preserves water.

Among other things, Xeriscape selecting suitable plants for the site and supports using mulches, careful planning, efficient irrigation & land enhancements. Native plants need little watering and chemical intervention to stay healthy.

Xeriscape often surprises people who can’t imagine a beautiful landscape without a lush Phoenix Xeriscaping Installationgreen lawn. They quickly discover how truly stunning native desert plants can be when properly sited and maintained.

It is tough when there’s so little water to go around to that any rational person could warrant the flagrant waste of this precious resources. In Nevada, more specifically in Vegas, these problems have prompted city officials to pay residents replace their water hogging lawns and water swilling plants with plantings that do not want as much water. It’s a tear up the turf initiative so to speak. Over sixty six square miles of yard have been removed since the program started. Each square foot of turf that is removed saves around 55 gallons of water annually. In a place where water is as scarce as it is in the Las Vegas valley this is a huge step.

Selecting plants that are suitable is among the many manners that website landscaping and development can become more sustainable. Maintaining deciduous shade trees to maintain the home cooler in summer, creating rain gardens to control run-off and selecting permeable drive and pavement stuff all are rational companions to Xeriscape layout. All of these accompanying choices help to allow more water to be reclaimed for usage on site. In short, Xeriscape is a great option for any desert dweller. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

If you want to learn more about Xeriscaping, check out this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xeriscaping

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