Beautiful residential phoenix desert landscapeGorgeous Phoenix desert landscaping designs come in lots of shapes and sizes and they are able to be both low water use and asking. It does not matter if your budget and your yard are modest, it is still possible to create a comfortable outdoor living space. All you require is some imagination, a well thought out strategy, and patience.

Using the desert landscape (low water) principles is the responsible approach to safeguard our desert ecosystem. Keep in your mind through the entire design procedure that water is our most valuable resource. Whether you are in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale or Paradise Valley, a water conscious landscape benefits not only you but the entire community.

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It’s frequently tempting come house using a carload of plants and to browse the greenhouses. However, before you pick up a spade and don those garden clogs, there are a number of problems you need to consider:

  • What kind of “feeling” are you seeking to create?
  • What do you really see your lawn looking like?
  • How big is your budget?
  • How much time do you have to commit to your project?

Considering these the answers to those questions will help you formulate a desert landscaping design strategy before you kick off your project. It is important to have a concrete plan before beginning as you are far more likely to have a satisfactory result with your desert landscape design this way. Take the following quick actions to help with this step:


  • Walk your premises and observe eyesores.
  • Do not forget to look at your yard from your home’s inside.
  • Assess your present irrigation system. You need to evaluate whether your irrigation system is maybe antiquated it ought to be left for an entirely new system or needs just small upgrades and repairs.
  • Take measurements and assess any overhead obstructions that may come into play with mature plantings in the future.

With all these preliminary steps complete it is time to take action and get things started.


Draw a preliminary strategy/sketch:
Start making a rough sketch of where you want to put layout components. Use easy symbols like circles and squares to designate putting beds, trees for shading, verandas, seating areas, etc. Utilize a lightweight pencil that is easily erased. Begin with your priority things and work from that point. Pay close attention to how things join. Be open to the chances. Let yourself have a couple hours or days to sit with a thought. You might have to prepare yourself or hire a desert landscape consultant for your specific region prior to taking action (i.e. water picking, plant selection, irrigation facility, etc.)

Pavers and textures:
Surfaces in the landscape contain patios, walks, buildings, ground covers, and plants. Feel may be dull, or coarse, medium, fine, smooth, rough, shiny. As with the other details, favorite feel or dominant ought to serve as a guideline in the plan to unify the landscape together with remainder and the house of the entire property. Textures are available in various kinds of plants or in hardscape elements.

Seasonal colors:
We’re lucky in the desert in order to possess shade year round. When selecting plants, keep note of fruiting or flowering times you’ve got coverage all year, not only in the springtime. Strategy to make use of these and put money into brilliant shrubs and perennials if you’re budget conscious.

Have you got water pooling close to your base? Earthworks and straightforward gutter systems can keep the valuable water that falls on your own premises to water your plants. You may wish to use a Phoenix landscaper to address these issues.

Finalize your strategies:
Looking through the various scenarios you’ve drawn out on tracing paper, select the layout that best matches your needs. When you’re pleased with your fundamental strategy, transfer your thoughts right to your site map.

Decide the best way to budget cash plus your time:
Your layout could be finished in stages as your budget permits. Do not forget that little plants certainly will catch up to mature specimens very fast and are much less expensive.

Arrange your layout:
Your site map is whole, you’re ready for the job of incorporating and arranging the information from your sketch with your thoughts of what you desire and desire in your landscape.


Finally you are ready to head off to the local nursery. Make sure to inquire about the microclimate in your area, this will dictate certain aspects of the plantings that are appropriate for your project, existing structures, and plants. Take note of the sun’s course across your lawn at different times of day and different times of year. Local Phoenix Arizona temperatures and shade can play a significant part in the way that you determine various spaces will likely be utilized. Don’t be afraid to try different things within your landscaping. It’s your yard it should feel how you want it to feel. Above all have fun with your desert landscaping project. Thanks for considering the environment and choosing a water conscious desert landscape.


Check out this video on choosing wildflowers to conserve water in your landscape:

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