CisternWithVine-cropped2Rainwater Harvesting is an excellent way to reduce your use of municipal water and make the most of our summer rains. Either passively or in a cistern, capture hundreds or even thousands of gallons of free water for your garden or landscape use. There is no higher quality source of water available to us than rainwater. Rainwater that is collected on roofs and stored appropriately represents a sustainable source of water ideal for use inside and outside the home. By using rainwater for toilet flushing, laundry and garden use alone, it can reduce mains water requirements of a typical household by 70%.
Did you know that Arizona taxpayers who install a “water conservation system”, such as rainwater or greywater, in their home may take a water rebate or credit? You would be saving a lot of money and your garden or landscape would still look fantastic!

RAINWATER CATCHMENT SYSTEMS: Stop looking at rain as an inconvenience, and start capturing and using it to save money and our most valuable resource in the desert, water!

Cisterns and holding tanks to hold water for future use.

Excavated basins and swales direct water where you need it

Rain gutters to capture water from rooftops and other structures. Move rainwater away from the foundation and out to the vegetation.

Wetlands filtration for future use: Divert your rainwater into your water garden, it’s easier than you might think! (Avoid this practice if you have asphalt shingles on your roof!)

French drains
Click here for a visual explanation of how rainwater harvesting works.

Click here to read an article from The ALCA Influence about the “New Rainwater Harvesting Ordinance”

Why should I use Rainwater?
Significant economic, social and environmental benefits can be achieved by using rainwater.

By using Rainwater Harvesting systems to supply water for some, or all of our requirements, you can reduce your
dependence on mainstream water.

There is no better quality water available naturally than rainwater. Some say there are health benefits to using rainwater which is not treated with chemicals like our mains water is.

Rainwater falls for free – once you have installed a rain harvesting system, you use less mains water and can reduce your water bills. Governments and Water Boards will increase water prices as they look to recover the true costs of providing water to the community.
The cost to the community to supply mains or reticulated water services is becoming more expensive every year. The construction of dams, pipes and treatment plants is huge and ultimately as tax and rate-payers, we end up with the cost.

Rainwater Harvesting reduces the damage to our creeks, water habitats and organisms caused by stormwater runoff.

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