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Xeriscape, what is it & why you should c

Phoenix Xeriscaping Installation

What type of Phoenix landscapes can flourish without water? In a nutshell, Xeriscape is an approach to horticulture and landscaping that uses site resources and preserves water. Among other things, Xeriscape selecting suitable plants for the site and supports using mulches, careful planning, efficient irrigation & land enhancements. Native plants need little watering and chemical […]

Lanscaping help for the summer months

beautiful green lawn all summer long

You might recollect those fond, maybe annoying, memories of waking up in the summer mornings to an cacophony of neighborhood lawnmowers running. As the weather warms up, landscaping becomes a full-time hobby for you and your neighbors. If you do consider yourself an amateur landscaper, you’ll have a great time spending you time outdoors to tend […]