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Image HereLife's a Garden offers landscaping, permaculture and design in the Phoenix area. Please contact us for all types of landscaping projects. Ask us how Permascaping can enhance your landscaped environment.

Life's a Garden, LLC specializes in the following areas:
  • We can provide a completely custom plan for your home, including plantings, irrigation, hardscaping such as raised-bed planters, walkways, borders and patios, lighting, etc. You may then either contract with us to install the landscape as planned or buy the plans and install the project on your own.
  • We can visit your site to help you determine a plan of action or to answer any questions that you may have pertaining to landscaping your property.

  • PLANTINGS: We specialize in native and desert-adapted plants as well as food-bearing plants, such as deciduous and tropical fruits, citrus, nuts, vegetables and herbs.
  • Trees: up to 36" boxed trees can be delivered and planted
  • Shrubs, groundcovers, vines, cacti and succulents
  • VEGETABLE GARDENS: Let us show you how to get the most food from your available space, and how to take advantage of the valley's three growing seasons
  • HERB GARDENS: Grow those expensive culinary and medicinal herbs yourself!

SENSORY GARDENS: We can design and install for you a garden to delight your senses, such as:
  • Wildflower gardens: it's possible to have explosive color all year long with little water by using the correct plantings; let us show you how!
  • Butterfly, hummingbird and desert songbird gardens: By planting a variety of trees and shrubs that provide food and/or shelter for these creatures as well as rocks and boulders to provide them with winter warmth, we can attract them to our gardens, and we can stop filling up those hummingbird feeders and relax!
  • Shade gardens: It's possible to grow a wide variety of plants under that dense canopy of your shade tree, we can show you how.

  • EDIBLE LANDSCAPES: By using a combination of the above, it's possible to create an entirely edible landscape, offering a bounty of food year round.
  • IRRIGATION: Life's a Garden has years of experience with all sorts of irrigation methods and systems, including drip, sprinkler, flood, greywater and rainwater-catchment systems.
  • Drip irrigation: There are many important components of a drip irrigation system, many of which are skipped or ignored. We can show you why they are important and how to maintain them to avoid costly repairs down the road.
  • Sprinklers: Intelligent design and installation coupled with seasonal maintenance can keep your sprinklers working for years trouble-free, let us show you how.
  • Flood irrigation: There are many areas and neighborhoods in the valley with the good fortune to have flood irrigation service. Most systems are over 50 years old, though, and a few minor repairs could have your dilapidated system working like new, call us to find out.
RAINWATER CATCHMENT SYSTEMS: Stop looking at rain as an inconvenience, and start capturing and using it to save money and our most valuable resource in the desert, water!
Click here to go to our Rainwater Harvesting page!
  • Cisterns and holding tanks to hold water for future use.
  • Excavated basins and swales to direct and hold the water where your plants can use it
  • Rain gutters to capture water from rooftops and other structures. Move rainwater away from the foundation and out to the vegetation.
  • Wetlands filtration for future use: Divert your rainwater into your water garden (see below), it's easier than you might think! (Avoid this practice if you have asphalt shingles on your roof!)
  • French drains
  • Grey water reclamation
  • WATER GARDENS: We can design and build for you a water garden to fit any scale, from a small patio garden to a large wetland and anything in between. We install 100% organic, natural systems that use nature to balance the aquatic ecosystem rather than chemicals and UV filters. Let us show you how you can have a low-maintenance and trouble-free water garden using fish, water plants and beneficial bacteria.
  • HARDSCAPES: All manner of walkways, paths, trellising, raised-bed planters, seat walls, BBQ's, fire pits and beehives, fencing, curbing, etc.
  • LOW-VOLTAGE or SOLAR LIGHTING: If your like a lot of folks, you work 8-5, which means you leave home before sunrise and arrive home after sunset in the winter months, leaving you unable to enjoy your landscape. Install low-voltage or solar-powered landscape lighting and enjoy it all year, at your leisure. LED lights now available!
  • COMPOST SYSTEMS: Stop throwing away your source for great soil and start putting it back into your garden and landscape. There are a myriad of methods and systems for turning kitchen scraps and landscape wastes into rich, dark soil; and it's easy. We'll show you how.


Seasonal management is very important to maintain the health and appearance or your garden or landscaping.

IRRIGATION SYSTEMS: The water in the valley is very hard, meaning it contains a lot of minerals, especially calcium, which can build up over time in your system and cause problems, especially for drip systems. Seasonal management is the cure.

TRIMMING AND PRUNING: Timing is critical for healthy plants, especially fruit trees, we'll take the guesswork out of it for you.

FERTILIZING: Timing is everything!

IRRIGATION TIMERS: Adjusting your controller for the seasons can save you hundreds of dollars a year in water, not to mention save a precious resource and produce healthier plants.

Cleaning of gutters and piping to allow for optimal operation, best to do this before our rainy seasons in winter and late summer.

Garden preparation for the next growing season, soil is the soul of your garden, keep it healthy!

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