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Local First Arizona
Locally owned and operated businesses here in the Valley   

Phoenix Permaculture Guild
Sustainable minded people coming together and sharing information and resources   

Native Seeds/SEARCH
Find seeds that come from and grow well in our unique region   

Arizona Registrar of Contractors
Licensed Contractors Build Confidence!   

Desert Botanical Garden
An amazing desert garden, if you haven't yet been, plan a visit!   

Arizona Landscape Contractors' Association
Keeping our ear on what is happening in the industry and you can learn more about Arizona Certified Landscape Professionals   

Slow Food
A non-profit, eco-gastronomic, organization that educates people about how their food choices affect the rest of the world    

Slow Food
International Chapter   

Safety Services

The Tree Amigos
A certified Arborist that we adore!   


The Urban Farm in Phoenix, AZ

Growing Good Food - Having Fun Gardening - Connecting With Nature   
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Four Directions Permaculture

Holistic Sustainable Design   
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Tagari Publications

Permaculture Publications   
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Permaculture Activist

Permaculture Magazine   
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Local Harvest

Real Food. Real Farmers. Real Community   
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Desert Tropicals

Information on specific plants   
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University of Arizona

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences   
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Arizona Cooperative Extension - Maricopa County

LOTS of info here!    
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USDA/NRCS Plants Database

Specific plant profiles   
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Dave Wilson Nursery

A great resource for fruit & nut trees   
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Greenfield Citrus Nursery

A great resource for citrus   
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Acclima: Closed Loop Irrigation Systems

An Acclima product highly recommended for controlling water conservation and precise irrigation.   
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Save Our Citrus

Deadly citrus greening disease is on the move. Named for its green, misshapen fruit, citrus greening disease has destroyed millions of acres of citrus plants around the world. It is spread by a disease-infected insect, the Asian citrus psyllid, and has put the future of America's citrus at risk. Help stop the spread of this deadly plant disease. Don't risk citrus. Don't move citrus plants.   
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Acclima: Closed Loop Irrigation Systems

The Digital TDT Sensor, the industry's only stable, absolute moisture sensor enabling accurate irrigation control.   
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Frost Protection PDF

Informative pages on a better understanding of cold weather and how to protect your trees, plants, and gardens from the frost.   
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The Air Quality Index (AQI) is an index for reporting daily air quality. It tells you how clean or polluted your outdoor air is, and what associated health effects might be a concern for you.   
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Backyard Composting in Phoenix

Residents can dispose of their yard wastes by using a composter or mulcher. The city of Phoenix composters and yard carts (constructed from damaged garbage cans) can be obtained at a city disposal facility for $5. Call (602) 262-7251 or (602) 262-6598 for more information.   
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Backyard Composting in Mesa

The City of Mesa has established a Backyard Composting Program. Composting is a great way to recycle your yard and kitchen waste. Many of the materials needed for this program can be found in your home.   
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Rare and Exotic Fruit Nursery

Voted "Best Exotic Nursery" by Phoenix New Times!   
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Joan Baron

Local Artist and Designer - very talented!   
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Indigo Street Pottery

Local husband and wife ceramic studio artists!   
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